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MC Wonder has received a most curious invitation from his good friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyal. He has decided to extend this invitation to our community.

Dear guest,

You are cordially invited to join the illustrious Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for one final attempt to reach the great beyond. For the last 10 years, Sir Doyle has been trying to contact the illustrious and passed Mr. Harry Houdini to try and reconnect with his dear friend and prove that there is an afterlife. However, each year has proven futile. After years of disappointment, Doyle has decided to end his search with one final journey into the unknown. Tonight's festivities will be that attempt and will require the strongest mediums and psychics to join.

Will you heed the invitation and try to reach the other side?

The Final Seance is an immersive theatre performance by The Exposure Project. This 75-minute experience will make you part of the show as one of the attendees to try and conjure a spirit from the great beyond. Your journey starts at the newest Victorian Speakeasy at an undisclosed location. From there, you are taken to the private seance room where you will see if you can touch the other side.

We request that you dress accordingly, black tie is preferred by the host and the spirits.

Your night includes a complimentary cocktail.


This event will be held at MC Wonder's Fantastical Traveling Treasures, located in downtown Cheyenne. 

500 W 15th St, Suite 160
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

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